Sights – Saxony Switzerland

Climate resort Rathen

Königstein (about 5 km)

Stadt Wehlen (about 5 km)

Bad Schandau (about 10 km)

  • Nice climate resort

  • Toskana-World-Thermal Bath in Bad Schandau
  • Kirnitzschtalbahn
    Tour through the wild romantic Kirnitzschtal to the Lichtenhainer Wasserfall (starting point for hiking tours through lovely nature to breathtaking views e. g. Kuhstall, Himmelsleiter)

Pirna (about 15 km)

Dresden (about 35 km, by train reachable within 35 min.)

Glashütte (about 35 km)

Meißen (about 70 km, by train reachable within an hour)

Our neighbouring country: the Czech Republic

  • Bohemia Switzerland (Hiking tours from Hřensko to the Prebischtor, Visit the cities Děčín, Ústí nad Labem or Česká Kamenice; Memorial Theresienstadt/Terezín)

  • Prag: Hradschin, Charles Bridge, Jewish quarter

Enjoy our lovely landscape in the off-peak season:

  • A visit to museums in Pirna or Dresden
  • Geibeltbad Pirna (indoor and open air swimming pool with sauna)
  • Toskana-World-Thermal Bath in Bad Schandau
  • Stroll through the Christmas market on the Königstein Fortress (at the weekends in Advent), in the historic old town of Pirna or in Dresden (Striezelmarkt Dresden)

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Gnadauer Gemeinschaftsverband
Gnadauer Gemeinschaftsverband
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Diakonie Sachsen
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Himmlische Herbergen
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